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June 24, 2010


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Eric Protein Moseley

STIFF thanks for everything

Eric Protein Moseley

Protein Shakes

I did a search for protein and got this page, no problem i thought i would leave a comment anyway

Information Resource


BEWARE OF ERIC PROTEIN MOSELEY (skidrowjourney@yahoo.com & ericproteinmoseley@gmail.com)
Eric Protein Moseley has two outstanding felony active warrants for his arrest for neglect of a child/child endangerment which is out of South Carolina and domestic violence assault 4 against a child in Washington State. He also has many other charges in other states and this is all public record. You may find this information at the following websites: http://www.dppps.sc.gov/find.html and type in his first name and last name and hit submit and select view Eric Moseley; http://www.snoco.org/outstandingwarrants/ and type in his last name of Moseley and hit search and it will bring up the information for him. His DOB is 11/04/1960. He is a habitual user of marijuana and has a past history of using crack cocaine for over 20 years. He lies to get his way and inflates himself to be something that he is not. He is a very dangerous individual with characteristics of being a socio-path. He uses the tactics of homeless filmmaker and his past experiences to get the media and television attention. Until someone puts the halt on this individual and he is held accountable for the harm that he has caused to many children and women he will continue to be a danger to people he comes in contact with.

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